Meet Our Contributors


Lawton Ursrey Lawton Ursrey
Sage One awareness guru and fellow entrepreneur

I have a healthy disrespect for the impossible and a passion for the little details. While I run my own small business, I am also passionate about helping other small business owners. If I’m not running my business, or helping you run yours, then I’m probably playing guitar.

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Jenn Boutwell Jenn Boutwell
VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances
I am a Sage One brand ambassador and team building virtuoso. Professionally I am known for building strong teams and organizing complex situations. I am passionate about making small business owners’ lives easier so they can spend more time on what they are passionate about. When I’m not running between meetings, I’m running half-marathons and training for a full marathon.

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Mike Savory Mike Savory
Customer advocate and automation engineer

I operate at the intersection between technology and ease of use. I strive to make our customers’ lives easier through elegantly automating manual processes. Much of my time is spent listening to small business owners, making sure to bring their voice to the table in everything I do. My free time is spent with my kids, which includes being a Cub Scout leader for an energetic group of 10-year-olds where I’m lobbying for a Software Product Management badge.

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Tobi NorthTobi North
Creativity rock star and marketing master
I enjoy being innovative and creating communications that customers can relate to. I am always looking for that “light bulb” moment, when I find an interesting topic which I know our customers will love to learn more about. In between creative brainstorming sessions, you can probably find me at a concert or searching for the best BBQ joint in town.

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Keith ArkleKeith Arkle
Product specialist and customer advocate
My inspiration arises out of testing new ideas, learning from the results and implementing new features and products in order to better serve our customers. I am always on a mission to “crack the code” and discover what works best for our customers and their businesses. In my free time, I make it my mission to seek out the best cherry-flavored foods – cherry slushies are my Achilles heel.

Drop me a line at  Follow me on Twitter.

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