Why Taking Canada Day Off Could Make You Smarter

Happy Canada Day, entrepreneurs

Oscar Wilde used to say, “work is easy, fun is hard.” As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you can relate. With your small business, you know what you have to do. That’s the easy part. You have deadlines, routines–daily tasks to tackle. But giving yourself permission to take a day off – a real, full day off – now that’s a tough one for entrepreneurs.

But here’s the thing: Taking a day off could make you smarter. Like any other muscle, our brains need down time in order to work at its highest potential. Want proof? Remember the last time you were burning the midnight oil, trying to figure out the solution of a weighty problem? You were tired and hungry and the more you tried to come up with an answer, the more frustrated you became? So you walked away. Or you ran away. And you slept on it. The next morning, you sat down at your desk and there it was – in black and white — the answer staring back at you.

You + Sleep = Problem solved.

Still need more proof? When did you come up with your last brilliant idea? When you were behind your computer screen or on that leisurely stroll through the park?

Taking a break = You — smarter.

The truth is, we are far more creative when we don’t push our brains to the limit.

According to research from Scientific American, “Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance.”

Well, with Canada Day just a few days away, what better time to test the theory?

Here are some things you can do on July 1, instead of working:

    • First: Sleep in.
    • Visit one of Canada’s national parks. To celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday, admission is free to all national parks and historic sites all day July 1.

For long-term success, give your brain a (much-needed) break, and have a wonderful Canada Day, entrepreneurs!

Find a Canada Day celebration near you.

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Happy Holidays!

Holiday wishes from Sage One

As busy as you are as an entrepreneur, we hope that you are able to take a much-needed break from your small business and enjoy time with your loved ones.



Reconnect with old friends.


Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished this year!

The Sage One team wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season. We hope you take our advice and unplug for a few days, but if you do need help with your account, here are some things the Sage One Support Team wants you to know:

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Enjoy your holiday!

About the author:

Jenn Boutwell – VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances
I am a Sage One brand ambassador and team building virtuoso. Professionally I am known for building strong teams and organizing complex situations. I am passionate about making small business owners’ lives easier so they can spend more time on what they are passionate about. When I’m not running between meetings, I’m running half-marathons and training for a full marathon.

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