#MOMpreneurChat Recap: “SMChat “Keeping Your Accounts in Check Over the Summer”

Last week, we had the privilege of sponsoring, and participating in, a Twitter chat hosted by Mompreneurs® — a national network dedicated to the support and empowerment of Canada’s moms in business.

The virtual conversation among busy mompreneurs was around the topic of balancing your books during the summer—and how to take a real vacation.

Top two takeaways from the discussion among the women entrepreneurs included:

  • When you’re an entrepreneur, it can be tough to take a “real” vacation, but it’s so important to unplug, regroup and spend time with family when you can. And that it can be done.
  • Having help – a good team to support you, who has access to your books – can make it easier to get a break and keep things running while you’re away.

Missed the Twitter chat? Here are a few of the highlights.


Q1. Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? Or are you taking ‘downtime’ at home?




… and an interesting stat ….



Q2. Have you ever avoided going on vacation due to fear of being out of touch? Any tips to stay on the grid while “away”?







Q3. What aspects of your business (if any) do you keep on top of during your vacation? Or is work completely out of bounds?





Q4. Do you do any bookkeeping while on vacation? (Invoicing, expense management) –or does someone else do it for you?


Q5. How often do you discuss your books w/ your accountant (if you have one)? How do you share financial info?







Q6. What tips can you offer to be organized with your business BEFORE vacations start so you there is actual enjoyment?


Are you taking a summer vacation? How do you keep on top of things when you’re away?

About the author:
Keith Arkle – Keith Arkle – Product specialist and customer advocate

Keeping our customers at the forefront of my mind is always a priority in my work. In talking about our product and preparing product launches, I always want to make sure our messaging is consistent and accurate. When I’m not working, I am probably hanging at home or travelling with my wonderful family.>
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