Run Your Business Like a Pro with Sage One

Run your business like a pro
As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. And as you grow your company, you’re going to have to fill the roles of general manager, marketing manager, advertising manager, order fulfillment, shipping clerk, secretary, customer service agent, file clerk, bookkeeper, IT department and more. Phew! Although it can be exhausting to wear so many hats at once, you can’t let anyone see you sweat. You have to make a professional impression everywhere you go – from working with clients to dealing with suppliers.

If your invoices and your books are in disarray, your life probably feels that way, too. But here’s the good news: with a simple, online accounting software you can save time, eliminate hassles and make a good impression with everyone.

Run your company like a pro by:

Creating and sending professional invoices – Imagine a clean, simple invoice with your company logo at the top. Sage One makes it simple to look professional when you create and send invoices that reflect your brand. You can also accept credit card payments from your clients with Sage Payment Solutions or Paypal – so you can get paid faster.

Making your accountant smile – Do you scramble at the end of the calendar year to get everything in order for tax time? With online access, automatic reconciling and seamless categorization, Sage One Accounting makes your life easier – and your accountant’s as well. You’ll reduce the time spent on tax preparation because your information is kept in order month in and month out. Then you can easily send your accountant the information that they need to do their job as well as you do yours.

Knowing where you stand – Leading your business to new heights means that you need to know where you’re headed. Know exactly where your businesses’ financials stand with the dashboard and reports in Sage One. The dashboard gives you an overview of your company so you can make important decisions. Are you making money or burning cash? Do you need to follow up on more proposals? Which clients are past due on their invoices? Answer all of these questions and more at a glance.

It’s simple to look like a pro. Make your clients, accountant – and you – smile.

About the author:

Kangelon “Kay” Dexter, Product Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur advocate

I am passionate about marketing and ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard as I create new products and features for Sage One. I’ve built my career around being an innovator, straight-talker and forward-thinker, and always making sure that my work is relevant to customers. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending my free time mentoring local teenage girls who are interested in participating an winning in scholarship-based pageants, shopping for the latest fashion trends and being a Youth and Worship leader at my church.

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