Summer Slump? No Way! Use These Small Biz Tips

productive small business tips

The days are getting longer and the weather’s heating up. Unless you own a water park, business is probably slowing down. Clients go on vacations and sales are at the whim of their flexible schedule. It’s summertime, and that may or may not be a good thing for your small business.

The good news is that slower times give you an opportunity to boost your business. You may not have time to dig into business-growing activities during busier months so now is the perfect time. Here’s how to stay motivated and avoid that summer slump:

  1. Offer a Summer Promotion

    To increase your foot traffic during those lazy summer months, you might consider offering clients an incentive. Set a goal, create a message, and extend your offer. Financial incentives, such as discounts or package deals, are great way to boost summer sales.

  2. Boost Team Morale

    If you’re feeling the summer slump, chances are your employees are as well. This is a great time to motivate your team by planning a team-building summer activity to enjoy. Take a look at your calendar and pick a week where your team might need some extra incentive. Focus on the incredible achievements each member has made throughout the year to give you all a sense of purpose to hit the ground running when fall rolls around.

  3. Try Something New

    Why not switch things up during the slow season? If you’re experiencing a summer slowdown, it may be time to perfect that new service offering or use the extra time to learn something new for your personal skill set. Why don’t you try:

    • Developing a monthly newsletter
    • Revamping your website
    • Attending an industry conference
    • Creating an internship program
    • Enrolling in a class
    • Developing a new product
    • Reorganizing your office
    • Updating your editorial calendar
    • Cleaning up your files
    • Sending out “welcome to summer” cards to past clients
  4. Take a Breather

    It’s important to stay motivated and focused during the slower months, but it’s equally important to take care of your personal health. Don’t make the mistake of getting burned out and frustrated. Always have something to look forward to—a spa day, family vacation, dinner with friends. These moments will allow you to re-center and find clarity.

  5. Get Out Into the Community

    Sitting inside all day while the sun is shining can be a buzz kill. So get out there! Set up a tent at a festival or get involved with a local charity. Take part in a local festival or join a Meetup group. This will add some excitement to your regular routine while also promoting your brand to the community.

How do you stay motivated during the slower summer months?

About the author:

Lawton Ursrey – Sage One awareness guru and fellow entrepreneur
I have a healthy disrespect for the impossible and a passion for the little details. While I run my own small business, I am also passionate about helping other small business owners. If I’m not running my business, or helping you run yours, then I’m probably playing guitar.

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One thought on “Summer Slump? No Way! Use These Small Biz Tips

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